Tom Week – Family

Get to see my family in June

Going to my nephew’s wedding reception in June. Not the wedding, that’s happening in a tropical paradise on another date. Get to bunk with dad. We’re planning a snoring contest. All my siblings will be there. Cool.

Another trip

I’m going to WordCamp San Diego the last weekend in March. They were sold out but some tickets became available and I got one. Going to learn stuff and network for a job. Time to print the resumes.

Learning Spanish

Dude, who came up with this language? I’m getting pretty good at reading Spanish. However, I’m struggling with the whole verbs have genders concept. Then there are the accent marks on certain letters pointing in certain directions. Sheesh!


How come when your meditating you never have an epiphany that all your problems are someone else’s fault and your best course of action is to sit in the dark, listen to VNV Nation and feel sorry for yourself?

Instead you come to realize that you have to make peace with the obstacles in your path, which sounds like a lot of work to me.

Random Thoughts

The worst part of really nerdy bumper stickers is that I understand them.

I’m starting to think that this Lovecraft fellow didn’t like Native Americans.

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