Tom Week – Fall


My first fall day in decades. Very cold last night. Nice this afternoon. Some things they just don’t have in California.

School relief

Last night I figured out a plan to complete all my schoolwork before the deadline. Not easy, but doable. Today I got email saying that the deadline has been moved from Oct 24 to Nov 14. Happy happy joy joy.

Car Racing

Another near miss. This time I didn’t even know the track existed till I was out walking the dogs and I heard the distant engines. The track is only two miles away but it’s in the 40’s so I’m not too motivated to go.


Today at a WalMart in West Virginia they played Video Killed the Radio Star over the PA system. And the brunch menu at O’Charley’s sucks.

Rainy day at school

Lots of work done. Lots left to do.

An adventure

We got tired of looking for “acceptable” campgrounds so Thursday and Friday we are making a mad dash for the coast. We’ll be spending a week in Virginia Beach where the night-time lows aren’t below freezing.

Author: Tom
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