Tom Week - Fall Hijinks

devil minion

10/19/23 – Grape Soda Heaven
The WalMart up the street has Stewart’s Grape Soda. It is the best, but rarely carried. Stores sometimes have Stewart’s Root Beer or Orange Cream, but almost never grape. No fructose, just cane sugar. It has artificial flavors, but they’re good fake flavors.

I am so easily made happy. Why do I have depression? I’m starting to think it’s MY fault.

10/20/23 – Rich People Ocean
You have to be rich to see the ocean around here. Either you own a house tall enough to view it, or a boat to venture out on it.

10/21/23 – Treefall
A branch fell on the RV today. Kerthump.

10/22/23 – Foliage Highway
Route 347 in New Jersey, yes New Jersey, had the best foliage we’ve seen so far. Vivid reds and yellows. Way cool.

The guy at the new RV park is calling me Tommy. I had a bologna sandwich today.

10/23/23 – Bologna Sandwiches
Yesterday I gave in to temptation and bought a package of bologna. I assumed I would eat a sandwich and go, “What was I thinking?” However, it was yummy. I still love bologna and cheese sandwiches. Will I ever grow up?

Also, The final shoot for Cursed Hearse has been moved to January. Stuff happens.

I should be riding my bike today, but it will be so much warmer in a few days, that I just can't see braving the cold today.

10/24/23 – Rough Ride
180 miles today. Much traffic, a couple detours and a GPS that doesn’t understand how big the RV is. Exhausted.

10/25/23 – Change Of Plans
Sometimes you just have to look at things and realize that you don’t have the best plans. We’re looking at staying longer at campgrounds so we explore places better.

Also, the movie shoot is now going to be late November or early December. Better.

Rode my bike today. First real bike ride in a while. Short ride, steep climb.