Tom Week - Epiphany and Beyond

dog in bed

1/6/22 – Epiphany

The wise men have arrived and they’re riding in a monster tour bus like rock stars. Hey, sometimes the RV park is boring and you have make up stories to amuse yourself.

I went to the doctor today. All is well. The man in line before me at the lab learned a lesson today that any adult should already know; Don’t piss off the woman about to stick a needle in your arm.

1/7/22 – Helter Skeletor

High temperature of 60 and windy today. Hardly a perfect day for an ice cream truck to pull in playing The Saints Come Marching In. There are no kids here. Nobody wanted ice cream. It was sad and creepy. 

1/8/22 – Wrong Turn

I took a wrong turn today. I thought the sign said 41 turned left. Turns out they just wanted me in the left lane for an upcoming turn. Oops. Got to see a whole new hunk of Florida.

We may have to live here. The park has a dog park that is used constantly. In half an hour Spencer met six dogs and even wrestled with one of them. Much wagging was done by all.

1/9/22 – 80 degrees

I’m enjoying it while I can. Did 13 miles on the bike. Took Spencer to the dog park. Cold is on the horizon.

1/10/22 – No Rain!

Yesterday they said it was going to rain today, but it didn’t. I rode my bike and found hills, in Florida. Hills! Nearly 400 feet of climbing. It’s been a while. My legs aren’t happy. Tomorrow we are heading further south to escape the cold. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones with this idea.

1/11/22 – More South

We’re a bit south of Orlando. You’d think that would be far enough but it’s still going to be cold tonight. 

1/12/22 – Ego

On my bike ride today I passed another cyclist while climbing a hill. A mile later, on the Florida flatland, he passed me. He was wheezing like he was going to have a heart attack. For a bit I hung on his back wheel then realized that he was trying to get away from me, so I slowed down a bit.

Then I got to the only other hill on the ride and zipped past the same guy. I stopped at the top to have a drink. He caught up and did the same. Then said, “Wait till you hit 50.” I told him him I couldn’t wait. Then I noticed that he was in way too high a gear for climbing.

I pointed out his gear problem and he told me that he saw a video saying you’re not supposed to down-shift when climbing. I saw the same video. He missed the part where you’re supposed to down-shift before you climb the hill.