Tom Week – Energy and Deadlines

Energy and Deadlines

Rather than stress and panic the deadlines have spurred my energy. The dream of full-timing in the RV is coming true. In two days I’ve moved four rooms of junk. Four to go. Trash people come tomorrow.

We are moving into the RV this Sunday, Jul 29. We are turning the house over to the new people on Friday, Aug 3.

I can see the light

There is an end to the tunnel, an end to the means or the means to an end. Instead of hurry-up-and-wait we have a case of wait-and-hurry-up. Everything is happening way fast, but we will make it.

I’m moving the RV to the Novato park on Sunday. We’ll be moving out of the house on Monday.


I decided to try seeing one last San Francisco comedy show. The last few I attended were terrible. Fortunately Tony Sparks, the godfather of SF Open Mics, came through again. Everyone at the show was hilarious. Good closure.

Getting Ready

Detail after detail presents itself to be dealt with. Until today I was wishing we had given ourselves another week. Today I’m glad it will be over soon.

The Last Day

The house has been completely transformed. We woke up this morning surround as always buy familiar furniture and objects. Then the cleaners came. Then the junk people came. Then the junk people left. The cleaners continue to clean. Finally the cleaners left.

The house is almost empty. The house is almost not ours anymore.

We have a picture of Tonya in her rocking chair. It was the first thing we moved into the house when we bought it. Tonya is sitting in her rocking chair now. One of the last pieces of furniture to go.

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