Tom Week - Ending Strong

birds on the beach

12/7/23 – Close, But No Muffler
Waiting for one last part to arrive for the RV. The muffler. Can’t really drive without one. It’s on the way though. The parts guy has the UPS tracking number. It will be here on Monday. Oh bother.

Had lunch today in the southernest of southern cooking dinners. They had liver mush and fried bologna sandwiches. I ate neither, but Pat had the fried green tomatoes and pickled beets. Dad’s memory was pissed that I didn’t have the hash omelet.

12/8/23 – Wait, Wait, Panic!
After waiting for so long for so many things, they all happen at once. So now we pickup the RV on Tuesday, drive to Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday, then I fly to Providence on Thursday, finish my part in Cursed Hearse on Friday, then fly back to Florida on Saturday.

I was hoping to take a few days to drive from New England to Florida, but there are just too many things preventing that from happening.

12/9/23 – The Phone Goes Silent
The open enrollment period is finally over. The spam phone calls have stopped! No, I’m not old enough for medicare, but the guy who used to have my phone number is. I had some fun messing with the people at the call centers, but mostly it was very annoying.

I’m looking forward to the calls trying to sell me solar service.

12/10/23 – Last Night?
This may be the last night we spend in this hotel. The RV is supposed to be done tomorrow. It all depends on how late in the day it’s finished. 

12/11/23 – Still Here
At 3:30 the repair place was still waiting for the muffler to be delivered. Maybe tomorrow.

12/12/23 – The Universe Wins Again
Some days it all just falls into place. 

The RV is fixed, it runs great. We had a minor scare with a warning light on our leveling system, but it was fixed with a quick internet search. Then we had to deal with the mice. Not too bad, but they chewed holes in Pat’s air mattress for some reason. Fortunately we had a spare.

Then, earlier this evening, I realized that I hadn’t gotten the call sheet for the movie shoot. It was due today. It arrived just a few minutes ago. No surprises, everything is set. The shoot is only 15 minutes from the Providence airport. So excited.

12/13/23 – Florida Sucks
Big scare today. My health insurance bill for next month, through, was $1200. Turns out that Florida has changed it's Affordable Care Act requirements. I didn't make enough money to qualify for the program. Yes, you read that right. I needed to make more money to qualify for the government to give me money. That's messed up.

Fortunately, since I first filled out the form, I've got a new source of income. I added that and it put me over the limit. Now my bill will only be about $200.