Tom Week – Emotional Armor

Emotional Armor

Not used to feeling like this. I’m going through some stress but feeling no depression. I feel like I can handle it. I feel sadness as one should, but I’m avoiding the downward spiral of negative thought. We’ll see if this keeps up.

Premature Habits

I’ve been reading a series of articles about developing habits as a writer. The first few in the series were very useful, but the later ones decline into a manifesto of self-hate. Taking the good parts I started to develop triggers for these new habits, but today I realized that since my life is going through major changes, now is not the time for forming habits.

When the Power Fails

Shopping at Safeway. All the items scanned. Clerk is about to push the final button. The lights flicker and go off. The register screen follows them into darkness. The lights come back ob but it takes forever, give or take 20 minutes, for the registers to return. Fortunately, the memory saved the last transaction so we didn’t need to re-scan everything.

Random Thoughts

Bottled water and rice cakes are the soda and chips of my future.

My new writing goal is to write a novel that I enjoy reading twice.

My vision of myself is changing. I’m making tiny little goals and achieving them.

When you overcome a bad habit you should send if off with a habituary.

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