Tom Week – Elevation

Tough bike ride

12.7 miles, climbing 535 feet. Back in San Francisco that would be a normal lunch-time ride. Here in Arizona it was torture. The difference is that in SF my highest elevation was the road around Stow Lake at about 300 feet. Today topped-out at 6,924 feet. Those hills are hard when you are oxygen starved.

Done with frameworks

I finished the last lesson on frameworks. This has been the toughest section so far. Not because the subject matter is difficult, but because none of the instructors code worked properly. It was so outdated that some of the libraries needed were unavailable.

Sleep problems

Turns out I’m not as weird as I thought. Over the last few years I have developed these dreams that have physical manifestations. In one dream I was fighting a huge snake and punched it in head twice. I woke up to realize I was actually punching the wall. Fortunately I wasn’t punching Pat. You’re not supposed be able to move when you’re dreaming.

So I’m not alone. There is actually a name for this; REM behavior disorder. It’s caused by an imbalance of serotonin, probably caused by my antidepressant. Looks like a change of meds is in order.

Twisted Guilt

I have never been happier. Every day is an adventure. So of course I’m feeling guilty. That’s sick. I’m feeling guilty about being happy. I have GOT to let this go.

Normal Days

Went for a ride today including a couple laps around downtown. I cut over two minutes of my best time but I’m still just third best overall.

School went better today even though the subject matter was more difficult. The difference was that the instructors gave very clear instructions and their code actually works.

More Normal Days

Another good day at school. Learning lots. Couldn’t ride today, the storms came early.

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