Tom Week – El Centro to Barstow

12/3/20 – The El Centro Dance

We are in El Centro California. The largest city in America entirely below sea level. It’s weird looking up a city on Wikipedia and seeing a negative elevation. All but three of the TV channels are in Spanish. We’re only ten miles from Mexicali Mexico. I keep here Mom singing MEXICALI ROSE.

12/4/20 – Clayman Comes To Life

I’m working on an animation featuring Clayman, a faceless character I created from scratch. I built his bones and programmed his movements. Now he is off on his first adventure. The going is slow, but rewarding. I’ve finished the first 4 of 20 shots. Then I have 37 rerenders with different camera angles.

12/5/20 – Rules, Rules, Rules

The governor of California has issued a bunch of new rules to try to stem the flood of COVID. While I agree with most of them, he has made rules regarding motorhomes, apparently have no knowledge of how Rving works. We’re given the same rules as hotels and motels, even though we bring our own houses with us. It’s just not the same.

12/6/20 – Back in Coachella

Well, almost. It’s actually Desert Hot Springs, but we had to drive through Coachella to get here. We here once before but only stayed one night because it was 110 degrees. This times it’s only in the 70’s. Because of the mountains, the sun goes down at 4:30.

12/7/20 – Climbing in Weird Weather

Made a mistake today regarding my bike ride. I’ve gotten so used to being in the flatlands that I forgot to pay attention to the elevation. I wound up cutting the ride a bit short because I had climbed 500 feet over the previous two miles.

The weather lady said we were going to have bad wind gusts today. She was wrong. I got to the base of the valley and the windmill farm there was perfectly still. Tonight she’s saying the wind is coming overnight. I don’t believe her.

12/8/20 – Easy Hills, Or Not

Today I plotted a bike route that had much less climbing. Then I saw a nice long hill. It looked like and easy climb. It was. Then I saw another easy climb. Only, it wasn’t. Wound up climbing over 700 feet, but the ride back down sure was fun.

The animation is progressing nicely. Five shots to go. I’ve made some serendipitous mistakes which have greatly increased the charm of the piece. I was worried that the end product would be a bit dry and technical.

We all got alerts on our phones about the state-mandated shut-downs. Nothing that really affects us. Despite how much we travel, we’re pretty much hermits.

12/9/20 – Halfway to Nowhere

We are in Barstow California, which is the mid point between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. For people who live here, the world is literally passing them by.


Author: Tom
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