Tom Week - Edison Hwy. Revisited

edison highway trash

3/17/22 – Edison Highway Revisited

Back riding on my favorite trash-strewn highway. Though today there were actually more people picking up junk than dumping it. Sadly though, both used book stores that I never got around to visiting are closed. I feel partly responsible.

3/18/22 – Frosty King

On my bike ride today I stopped and had a chocolate ice cream cone at Frosty King. It was yummy but I will not be repeating this activity. As I started riding again and had a wonderful sugar rush. Unfortunately, with about four miles to go, I had a sugar crash. Lesson learned.

3/19/22 – SLO Ride

We are in Avila Beach which is wedged between San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach. It’s and old RV park where you better like your neighbors cause they are close on all sides. So far everyone is nice and Spencer really likes Roxy, the dog next door.

3/20/22 – Avila Spring

We are surrounded by huge steep hills. Fortunately there are roads and bike paths that cut through the deep valleys between. A wonderful little bike path, crowded with walkers, leads from the park to the ocean. 

Speaking of the park, it is much less crowded today. Though we have had our second Cruise Canada sighting.

3/21/22 – The Talking Lady

The people across the road arrived late yesterday and left this afternoon. (1.5 hours after checkout time.) Mom and two kids in a stupidly small travel trailer. Mom was on the phone yelling at someone for the majority of the time they were here. Hours on the phone constantly talking, not doing much listening. Sad.

3/22/22 – The Great E-Bike Race

I rode to Pismo Beach today. On the way back, on a steep hill, I got passed by two women on e-bikes. I passed them on the downhill. We swapped places several times till the last really big hill slowed me down. When I got back to campground there they were getting off their bikes. One of them yelled, “We beat you!”

3/23/22 – Yanks Again

We are at Yanks in Greenfield, CA. They still haven’t built the airplane museum but they do have a nice new paved road to where the museum will be built. Some day.