Tom Week - Drugs And Stuff

pill bottles

6/2/22 – Too Many Walgreens

I went to Walgreens to buy test strips for my blood sugar meter. They had none of the cheap ones, and the expensive ones were way more expensive than expected. This was repeated at three more Walgreens spread across Worcester.

So I went online and found what I need on, only when I tried to add it to the shopping cart I got an error.

So I searched for the more expensive ones and found a cheaper generic with a five star rating, so I order those.

6/3/22 – Chipmunk Day

Ann’s wood pile is home to a family of chipmunks. Today the babies were out and about. I was able to get some video of them. So Cute.

Latter the bunny stopped by to eat some grass. Also cute.

6/4/22 – Go Karts!

Went with Ann to a kart track in Wrentham. Had much fun. 

6/5/22 – Uber Nap

I took a nap today and apparently descended into some deep area unaffected by any noise or movement. Eventually Pat woke me up for fear that there was something wrong with me, not just because of my deep sleep, but because me feet were moving. Like I was sleepwalking in my sleep.

6/6/22 – Knee Day

Spent today icing and elevating my knee. I pulled a muscle or tendon or something. The ice helped.

6/7/22 – I Have Pills

I thought I was out of my arthritis medicine, but I found a full bottle today. It helps so much. I took Pat to WalMart today. She bought things.