Tom Week - Down The Coast

old truck

5/23/24 – 150 miles
For the second month in a row I’ve reached 150 miles of bike riding. One of the few perks of sitting still is that I have more time to ride. I’m also down to 170 lbs. So, 95 pounds lost since my highest. It only took 13 years.

5/24/24 – Shower Caulk
I had to recaulk the shower today. Actually, I needed to do this a while ago, but I did it today. Afterwards I rode to WalMart to get a few things. I forgot it was Memorial Day Friday and the store was packed. Fortunately nearly everyone had too much stuff for the express lane.

We have many new neighbors here for the holiday weekend. Many have children who do not feel wind or cold. I can hear my mother screaming at them to put on their sweaters.

5/25/24 – Movie Night
The local theater is showing the new Mad Max movie, though Max isn’t in this one. This will be the first one I’ve seen in the theater since Road Warrior. Oh Boy!

5/26/24 – Movie Last Night
Best theater ever. Big screen. Comfy seats. Almost empty. Capacity was 180 and there were about 20 of us. The tickets were relatively cheap, but the snacks were expensive. Big surprise. Though the small popcorn and small Pepsi I ordered were both larger than a large popcorn and drink from my youth movie days.

I saw Furiosa. It was very good. Lots of explosions, gratuitous car chases and absolutely no plot holes. OK, I may be exaggerating about that last one. Spoiler alert! She loses the arm in a way much cleverer than anything I imagined.

5/27/24 – Through Salinas
Went to a WalMart in Salinas. It’s so nice to be someplace where you can hear a bunch of different languages. We lived in SF so long I got used to that. The best part was later at McDonalds when the woman behind the counter asked me a question in Spanish and was startled when I answered in English.

5/28/24 – Back With The Boats
Moss Landing again. Cold and fog for a few days. Love it.

5/29/24 – Phil’s Of Course
Rode my bike to Phil’s for food. So good. It’s funny, on Yelp Phil’s just gets 3.8 stars. Few complaints about the food, but people think that having to order at the counter and that Phil’s doesn’t take reservations is so gauche. There were also several complaints that they don’t have New England style clam chowder, in California.