Tom Week – Dolphins and Stuff

12/5/19 – Dolphins

Yes, dolphins. I was sitting in the Big Yellow Truck watching the water and three dolphins swam by. I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to catch them. Dolphins swim fast. One neighbor says there’s also manatees.

Sitting here we’ve seen all kinds of birds; Hawks, vultures, cranes, pelicans, seagulls and many smaller unidentified birds. This is now my favorite campground ever.

It’s also great for riding. No hills and a wide off-road bike path. Lovely.

12/6/19 – Orlando

Well, we are in Orlando, but we are nowhere near anything in Orlando. We are tucked into the southeast corner as far away from downtown you can get and still be in town.

This is a nice park. Not as nice as the last one, though here we have cable TV.

There is a nice fenced-in dog park. Abigail made some new friends today.

12/7/19 – Hot day in December

Went for a bike ride. Flat and straight.

12/8/19 – Hospitals don’t like me

I was on a bike ride and rode past the VA hospital. As I did my phone made a weird noise. My ride-tracking software had reset. Then it happened again as I passed the children’s hospital. This has never happened before. It happened one more time in front of the county hospital. Weird.

12/9/19 – Lucky Again

A picked today’s RV park based on distance and price. Not looking for anything special. Well, once again we are parked on a river bank. Allegedly there are manatees, but haven’t seen any.

The park is also a marina and there are all kinds of boats, big and small.

We are also across the road from the dog park. Abigail is very happy about that.

12/10/19 – It got hot today.

The guy in the houseboat across the street might have seen a manatee, but it was gone before he could get his camera. Pat saw something moving in the water but isn’t sure what it was.

12/15/19 – Fun Park Names

We stayed two days at Moonshine Acres. Today we are at Ho-Hum RV Park. We are on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico on what is called the Forgotten Coast. We get sunrise and sunset over the water. We are just up the road from Tate’s Hell State Park.

There are warnings about bears and sharks. There are also puffins here. Wikipedia says they don’t come this far south but the Audubon website says they started showing up here in 1988.


old house
Wonderfully spooky house in an otherwise boring neighborhood
Perry police station
The coolest police station I have ever seen. Perry Florida.
high tide
High tide on the Gulf Coast
low tide
Low tide on the Gulf Coast
ho hum rv park
How could we NOT stay here?
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