Tom Week - Dog Gone

Tom and Spencer

8/11/22 – Super Moon

I almost went for a bike ride today, but didn’t. Spencer is fading slowly. A dragonfly came and flew around the RV for a couple hours. An omen of transition. Fits with tonight’s fool moon. The cycle churns.

8/12/22 – Sandwiches

A running joke over the last year, Pat and I would say to Spencer, “No. I’m not making you a sandwich. I will never make you a sandwich.” Turns out we were wrong. Spencer’s not eating dog-type food, but he does eat bread. Pat tried making him a sandwich and it worked. She’s now experimenting with different things to put between bread.

8/13/22 – No Butterflies

I picked up the Worcester Magazine Newspaper today. It had a blurb about a butterfly festival in Worcester. Unfortunately, it ended about an hour before I read the article.

8/14/22 – Got The Part

I got my first speaking role in a movie! I will be playing “Patron” in a dinner scene. A small but funny role.

8/15/22 – Dog Gone

Spencer’s problems overwhelmed him and we had to let him go.8/16/22 – On Stage
I did comedy for the first time in a long time. It went well. I got just a few laughs, but most of the comedians got none at all. What, me, competitive? I did it to try to get used to performing in front of people again. The movie shoot is next week.

8/17/22 – Missing Spencer

No matter where I look. Spencer isn’t there. How long till I no longer expect him to be there?