Tom Week – dog and elk show

Bad dog parenting

We’re at a new park in Oklahoma and I was walking the dogs and apparently I wasn’t paying attention. Abbie started crying and limping. Her foot was full of thorns and covered with red ants. Rex had avoided the ants but also had picked up thorns. I’m a bad doggie parent.


Went to get food at the Southern Home Cooking restaurant across the highway. When I put in my take out order the waitress was really surly. Turns out though she was dealing with an asshole customer and was justly agitated. He was complaining that the TV wasn’t showing the football game, which the waitress kept reminding him that the game hadn’t started yet. Then he would try to flirt with her even though he was 25 years older than her. I don’t know how waitresses stand it.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, southern cooking means you get gravy and cornbread with whatever you happen to order.

Driving in the rain

I hate driving in the rain but it wasn’t too bad until the last ten miles. Too tired for schoolwork. I’m hoping to catch up this week. Also, Oklahoma City has many nice long bike trails. Hope the rain holds off long enough to get a ride in.

Mediation Meditation

I’m living a life that has no canon law. We are making it all up as we go along. This leads to conflict but through mediation I’m slowly resolving the inner conflicts. The hardest part for me is shedding expectations and especially the expectation of expectations in others. (I told you that I over-think everything.)

So Close

My goal was to ride 10 miles or so but when I hit the bike trail I knew I had to do more. Wide, smooth and scenic. I decided to try for 25. Then the rain hit. I wound up doing 24.3 which is pretty close to 25. And I did it in under two hours.


Pat’s having a hard time getting her meds. She’s spoken to EVERYONE, and it looks like we might have a solution. Tomorrow will tell.


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