Tom Week - Doctors Etc.


4/7/22 – Medical Appointments Over

Today was the last of the medical stuff, for now. Right now I’m planning a trip through Death Valley. The next few weeks should have below average temperatures. Perfect Death weather.

4/8/22 – Hot Wind

As we head into central California the temperature rises and the wind whips up. Actually the wind helps with the heat. We’re retracing our steps to the south and east. Hopefully finding a few diversions on the way.

4/9/22 – More Wind

Not as hot today, but even windier than yesterday. Too much for a bike ride. 

4/10/22 – Lost Hills

We’re in Lost Hills where there are no hills. There’s a town in Iowa called Hills. It doesn’t have any hills either. Weird.

4/11/22 – The Land Of Wonderful

There are many nice parks, schools and bike paths in Lost Hills, all with the self-engrandising branding of The Wonderful Company.  Yes, The Wonderful Company. That’s it’s name.

4/12/22 – Oh Woe Is The Tire

Our front left tire is suddenly showing its cords. Time for a new one. Last time it was the front right. Bummer.

4/13/22 – Found A Tire

Camping World had none, but the local Goodyear place can have one tomorrow. Yee Haw! The RV needs a front-end alignment, but the tire place can’t do that. Maybe when we get to Tucson.