Tom Week – Doctor Visits

Bad Day

Doctor visits. Prescriptions to pick up. A month delay in scholarship application decision. My plugin was rejected again.(For good reason though.) Maybe I should just take a nap and reboot the day.

Bad Week

More doctor visits. More rejections for more WordPress plugin. Though I feel like I’m getting closer. Depression fueled by my attempts to reconcile the petty tyrants of my past. Turns out it was just my inner critics trying to blame my problems on external forces.

Good Day

I finally jumped through all the hoops and got my WordPress plugin approved and published. It’s a silly little thing that shows the contents of a couple error logs in the admin screen.

The problem was that this was my first attempt at releasing a program into the wild. Everything I’ve written before was targeted at a highly controlled environment. I hadn’t accounted for security and customization issues. The nice man at WordPress guided me through the needed changes.

Random Thoughts

If you are ever under the delusion that you have all the tools you need, visit a Harbor Freight store. It will prove you wrong.

My hate has given my enemies power. I must exercise them from my head. Forgiving ho!

For Christmas I think we should give the republicans what they’ve been asking for, a lump of coal.

There’s just something so manly about a successful plumbing job.

Photo by Wonderlane

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