Tom Week - Doctor Stuff

tv in the boonies
Not Many Channels In The Boonies

1/25/24 – Doctor Day
Turns out that I have a sinus infection. Who knew? So it’s heavy anitbiotics and heavy-duty cough syrup for me.

The TV news says that Trump has the nomination sewn up with only 96% of the primaries to go. The political news websites say that Niki Haley will soon overtake Trump in delegates. Someone is way wrong.

1/26/24 – Woozy Day
The antibiotics are hitting me hard. Sickness symptoms are better.

1/27/24 – Almost Bike Day
The weather was wonderful today. I would have gone for a bike ride, but the meds are still kicking my butt. First sharp turn and I’d have been on the ground.

However, my brain seems to be better. I just wrote a very short story using the phrases kerfuffle, McTofu and nuclear destruction. 

1/28/24 – New Curtain Day
After several years the privacy curtains at the front of the RV had become worn, torn and forlorn. Being a rather specialized item the replacements were rather pricey. Instead, Pat bought some thermal blackout material and little plastic sliders for the rails, and made a set that is WAY better than the old one. She’s so talented.

The meds are winning. My illness symptoms are fading and my blood sugar is back to normal. Yay!

1/29/24 – Moonshine Day
Visiting Moonshine Acres. It’s much nicer than the last time we were here. No cable TV, but the antenna picks up six channels and only half of them are PBS.

1/30/24 – Get Stuff Done Day
I must be getting better. I got a ton of work done and didn’t feel like I needed a nap till 4. Then I wound up not napping.

1/31/24 – Blood Day
No surprises in the doctor visit results. High blood sugar, but not too bad. High triglycerides due to lack of exercise and drinking too much soda. Have to work on that.