Tom Week - Disney Adjacent

disney sign

2/2/23 – Comedy, or not
I went to the Orlando Improv open mic. The show was supposed to start at 7:30. It started just before 8. Usually not a problem, but they have a hard end time for the show. Us open micers were given four minutes each, which made it very unlikely that I would get up. When the host hit his 20th minute on stage I, and several other comedians, left.

We tried to go to another open mic downtown, but that one didn’t happen due to technical difficulties.

The weird thing is, I had fun.

2/3/23 – Rainy Day
The weathermen on TV are complaining about the cold front. The temp dropped all the way to 70 today. BRRRR!

Didn’t sleep much last night. My inner critics ganged up to inform me that I had no reason to be happy. Took forever to convince them otherwise. After I was done doing so I found myself exhausted and a little depressed.

2/4/23 – Stay Day
We were supposed to check out today, but the storm up north and incompetence out west means that we have to wait till Monday for a package.

I did a comedy open mic tonight. Five comedians. No audience. The usual. However the bar was wonderfully pretentious. I asked the bartender for a Budweiser. She said they didn’t carry any domestic beer. She suggested a lager they have on tap. I tried it. Definitely not a lager. More of a stout.

The she told me that it’s made in a brewery just a few blocks away. Apparently Orlando doesn’t qualify as domestic.

2/5/23 – Food Please
We like to try different restaurants, but some days it just doesn’t work out. First we went to a southern fast food place, that only had two cars in the lot a lunch time. Not a good sign.

Then we tried to go to another in downtown Celebration Florida. Unfortunately today was the street fair in Celebration. There was no access to the restaurant.

Wound up going to Culvers.

2/6/23 – Went To Disney
Well, we went by Disney. Couldn’t see much, but we got a picture of the welcome sign. On the way back to the hotel I got lost and we wound up going near Sea World as well.

We are sitting here this evening in the digital dark. Verizon has been out all day, though they say they aren’t. Now the cable TV is gone and the hotel’s internet is really flaky. If you don’t here from me in a few days please send a search engine.

2/7/23 – Nature And Stuff
We saw many animals today; A bear, a bobcat, two eagles, a stork and maybe a manatee. Plus the usual Florida birds and squirrels.

2/8/23 – Hot Laundry
Humidity and dryers are not cohorts.

The hardest part of watching the movie A MAN CALLED OTTO is that you are constantly tempted to say to people, “Because I’m not an idiot.”