Tom Week - Daytona

Daytona Beach

12/8/22 – Daytona Wanderings
Went looking for new cheater glasses for Pat. You wouldn’t think that would be so difficult.

12/9/22 – Daytona Friday
Mostly just sat around.

12/10/22 – Daytona Adventures
We had a package with Pat’s new glasses delivered today. We got the notice that it had been delivered so I went down to the front desk. They did not have it. Back in the room I checked the address and it turns out that 205 Atlantic and 250 Atlantic are not the same thing. 

I went to 250 Atlantic and they had the package. Since it was a Dunkin Donuts I bought three donuts and tipped the clerk well.

Then we went out for dinner at a place that had hush puppies. Hush puppies are important. The food was great, but unfortunately on the route of the town’s Christmas parade. Fortunately the parade was late in starting so we were able to escape. We did however have to drive several miles out of the way to get back to the motel. 

Later I went out to find a biker bar. Hey, it’s Daytona Beach. I managed to find a non-smoking biker bar that was having karaoke. Much fun.

12/11/22 – Daytona Spelling
My spell checker says that I’m spelling Daytona wrong, yet offers no suggestion as to the correct spelling. So, I’m going to keep spelling it that way.

It was gray all day again. The weather app lied to me. Again.

12/12/22 – Daytona Hat Quest
Tonya has commandeered Pat’s Virginia Beach hat so we had to go shopping for a new hat for Tonya so Pat could have hers back. We tried a few thrift stores, gave up, but then found on at Walmart.

We went to the beach today. There were birds.

12/13/22 – Daytona Last Night
Tonight is the last night in Daytona.

12/14/22 – Daytona Left Behind
We are in Brunswick GA, dug in for the coming storm. Should be done tomorrow afternoon. Then it’s north we go.