Tom Week - Days and Holidays

enlarged parathyroid

5/2/24 – Tomorrow Day
Some days don’t exist on their own. They are only there to take up time before tomorrow. Today was such a day. Tomorrow we meet with Tonya’s surgeon. Nothing else matters today.

5/3/24 – Not So Bad Day
Tonya’s Dr. appointment went very well. We’re now much less worried about it. It’s a one day thing. She gets to go home after a few hours if there are no complications. It’s one of those “just a little slit” kind of operations. Also, the scan of her neck showed that she really needs it. One of the four parathyroids is much larger than the others.

The next appointments are on July 1, so we’ll wander the west till then.

5/4/24 – The Azorean Neighbors
There’s an Airstream next door flying an Azorean flag. I did not know it was an Azorean flag, but looked it up. The stuff you learn.

5/5/24 – Cinco de Mayo
No mayo, but we do have Miracle Whip.

5/6/24 – Back To The Quarry
We’re taking a week of down time before we start our next adventure. The quarry is a great place to sit and watch the wind blow. Plus, lots of bike trails.

5/7/24 – Limbo Overload
After adjusting to my daughter needing surgery I’ve had to readjust to just how long it’s going to take. Medical appointments May 20, July 1 and tentative surgery July 25. Lots space in between. What do do? What to do?

5/8/24 – Up the bridge
I rode to the top of the Dumbarton Bridge today. It was kind of windy up there so I turned around at the top.

There are more appointments scheduled for Tonya. She’s going kill us in our sleep if we keep dragging her to the doctor.