Tom Week - Covid Diet

covid test

10/20/22 – Covid Diet
Got a nice surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning. Since getting covid I’ve lost 6 pounds. Good, but hardly worth it. 

I’m 61 today. I feel old, but not that old.

10/21/22 – Doing Things
I filled up the fresh water tank, and dumped about ten gallons into the portable waste tank. Nice to get outside for a bit. I feel pretty good, but the runny nose won’t go away.

10/22/22 – Gone Negative
Lots of energy today. Tested negative. 

10/23/22 – Restless Day
Rainy day. Got lots of inside stuff done.

10/24/22 – Another Rainy Day
My legs are screaming for a bike ride. My brain needs a challenge. There’s a moped that needs tinkering. The cold and rain will not end. Must move soon.

10/25/22 – 25 years of the 25th
Wedding anniversary today was a bit anti-climactic. Rainy, foggy day full of sick people. Quite a change from the sunny Las Vegas day a quarter century ago.

10/26/22 – Plans Being Planned
We are leaving here on Friday. Another try at going to New York, then south. Wish us luck.