Tom Week – Coos Bay to Sea-Tac

8/13/20 – Coos Bay Chin Masks

One of my favorite things about Coos Bay is that it has a lot of places to ride my bike. Unfortunately the 20MPH steady wind prevented that from happening much. I did go for a short ride, but it wasn’t as much fun as usual.

It’s weird being parked at a casino and having no desire to go in, not even for people watching. We are in the land of chin masks. Masks are required by the state, but somewhere people found a loophole, so the all just wrap the mask around their chins. Weird.

8/14/20 – A field by a lake

Where are at the Tenmile Lake County Park on Tenmile Lake in Lakeside Oregon. According to the town website the lake is actually longer than ten miles.

We are one of the few people here who don’t have a boat or an off-road vehicle. It may be a noisy morning.

8/15/20 – Lakeside by the Lake

Went for a bike ride around this little town. Many points of interest. Apparently the local radio-controlled racecar track is the biggest indoor track in south-western Oregon. Went by the airport and got a picture of the plane. (Yes, singular.) Stopped to take a picture of the chainsaw carving of Donald Trump, but the owner’s glare suggested I move on.

8/16/20 – Newport by the Ocean

It’s amazing how many states have Newports. Even states that don’t have old ports. We’re in the Marina RV Park Annex. It’s the dirt lot underbelly of the Marina, sitting in the shadow of the bridge. It’s funky, though the no fires extreme danger warnings are not heeded by the neighbors.

8/17/20 – On the beaten path

Newport Oregon has some great bike paths.

8/18/20 – Between Corvalis and Albany

Corvalis is home to Oregon State so there are bike paths everywhere. It’s much warmer here but still cooler than further inland.

8/23/20 – Trashed Laptop

A few days ago my laptop suffered a catastrophic failure. I now have a new laptop, with a really nice keyboard. Fortunately, I was able to save the old laptop’s hard drive. I got all my data off it. Hooray!

8/24/20 – Fleeing To Washington

I love how in Washington, instead of using an outline of the state on highway signs, they use George Washington’s head.

I rode my bike to the Mount Saint Helens visitor center, which was closed, and is 50 miles from Mount Saint Helens. They have a hole cut in the trees so you can see the mountain.

8/25/20 – Kent Again

I had hoped to visit one of my favorite campgrounds in the whole world, but all of Olympia Washington is closed due to the Trump Virus. So we went a little further, to Kent WA. We are parked across the street from a gigantic Amazon distribution center. What could be more fun?

The park is right at the intersection of two major bike paths. Last time I went south. Tomorrow I’ll go north.

The other great thing about this park is that it has at least one of every type of RV, from pop-up tent trailer to tiny homes on wheels.

And we saw a girl with a tail.


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