Tom Week – Colorado

10/8/20 – Colorado Springs Unsprung

After so long in the boonies, the big city is culture shock. They have TV stations here. Not just in this state, but in this very city. It makes you feel important.

10/9/20 – Where Has All The Power Gone?

At 7:30 this morning everything was normal. Sometime after that we lost power. Well, the park lost power. It came and went for most of the day. It’s back now.

This morning I put a new set of tires and tubes on the bike. This afternoon I went for a ride and after 7.5 miles I got a flat. Not that big a deal, but my pump chose this moment to cease functioning. I had to walk the bike two miles back to the campground.

After checking the flat tube it seems that it was underinflated. The problem with the last tires was that I kept over-inflating them. Now I have to worry about under-inflating. Such is bike.

My son got married today. We got to attend over zoom. It was great, even though the officiate got Chester’s name wrong a few times. They are having a virtual reception next week.

10/10/20 – No Flats Today

I managed to go 12 miles on my bike and had no flat tires. Yee Haw!

The black squirrels continue to elude my attempts at photographing them.

10/11/20 – I love Detours

One of my favorite signs to see is, “Road Closed Ahead.” Detours are adventures you could never plan. This one turned out to be rather uneventful, but I did learn that there is a town in Colorado named Sugar City.

The detour was off Highway 50, one of my favorite roads. It stretches from Sacramento CA, to Ocean City MD. I’ve now driven nearly half it’s length. Someday, I will drive it all.

Tonight we are having a wind and dust storm. Tonya is annoyed.

10/12/20 – La Junta

I forgot to mention yesterday that we are in La Junta Colorado. It means, “The Junction.” It is also the name of one of my favorite hip-hop groups. Where would we be without the internet radio random button?

Another flat-free bike ride, but I did manage to hit a bump and warp my rear wheel. That’s fixable though. Also lost a bolt to my front disc brake. To the hardware store!

10/13/20 – Not Phil, Lamar

We are in Lamar Colorado, in a dark park with a rusty dinosaur to protect us from what lurks in the sage brush. The guy before me was being a jerk to the clerk so he got put into the crappy cheap spot the we were scheduled for. We got a free upgrade to the deluxe spot, which has a much better view of the desert.

Big R is my new favorite store. They have everything.

10/14/20 – Bike Fix

I was able to fix the bike wheel. I loosened all the spokes, though some were already loose, and retightened them. The rim is once again round and mostly straight. The wheel performed perfectly on a five mile test ride. I’m going to redo the spokes on the front wheel just in case.


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