Tom Week - Cold Prep

dead batteries

3/23/23 – Palindrome Day
We started working on the RV today. We took nearly all the bedding and clothes out. Tomorrow will be laundry day. After five months of no air, they’re all a bit musty.

Then it’s time for the new batteries, taking out the trash, etc. 

3/24/23 – Not so bad
The clothes from the RV weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they’d be. Went to WalMart to get new batteries for the RV, but was not impressed. Going to try Interstate tomorrow.

3/25/23 – Winter’s Last Stand
Cold, windy, stay inside kind of day.

3/26/23 – Not Laundry Day
We went to three different laundromats today. The first was scary-looking. The second didn’t have enough big machines. The third had burned down. We took that as a sign that today wasn’t laundry day.

3/27/23 – Real Laundry Day
We finally found a laundromat that hard parking and enough large machines to handle our bedding. It took nearly forever to get everything to dry, but it’s done.

I also got the new batteries for the RV this morning. Now the lights work and everything!

3/28/23 – Cold RV Day
We went to work on the RV this afternoon. It was too cold in the morning. Successfully tested; the generator, the fridge, the microwave and the heater. Thank God the heater works. I also went to Home Depot and bought mouse traps and Damp Rid.

We now just need to put all the bedding back on the beds, put away the clothes, and throw away all the things we really don’t need. Then we’ll be ready to go. I think.

3/29/23 – Clothing Putaway Day
Sometimes the small things must be celebrated. We are making process with the RV, putting everything back together. Pat has started packing. The current estimate is that we will leave Monday.