Tom Week – Clothes and Stuff

Too many clothes

A couple months ago I donated the majority of my clothes. Now, as the move gets realer, I looked through my clothes again. I need to get rid of most of them. I’m going to end up with about 10% of what I used to have, and that will be more than enough.

Another Hundred Miles

This is the third month in a row I’ve ridden more than 100 miles. That’s a first. If I keep up this pace I’ll hit 1300 miles for the year. My previous best is 1000.

The weird thing is that my average speed for my rides is creeping higher, but my top speed keeps getting lower. Apparently I’m getting better at pacing myself.

Amazon Prime Music

I signed up for Amazon Prime, mostly so I can watch the old Top Gear Guy’s new show. In searching around Prime Music I found a classic punk channel. So cool.

Then, about 12 minutes later, I had to change the channel. Boy, we had some dumb songs back in the day. Maybe the all Leonard Cohen channel will cheer me up.

Amazon Book Reviews

Not to be trusted. I figured I’d try a new author and this mystery had dozens of 5-star reviews talking about how great the lead character was and how the book was full of surprises. Well, after one chapter I know everything there is to know about the main character and most of the other people in the book. I know these things because the main character sat at her desk telling us all.

Not a big proponent of the “show, don’t tell” cliche, but this was awful. I will give chapter 2 a try, but if it doesn’t greatly improve I’m out of here.

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