Tom Week - Church Camp and Storms

RV at church camp

2/1/24 – Church Campground
OK, so I don’t always pay close attention to things. I was just happy to find a campground near where I wanted to go that had an open spot for the weekend. I assumed Crosslake meant that there were lakes that crossed each other. Then we got here and saw the crosses. 

2/2/24 – Flavored Water
I found a flavored water that doesn’t have any sugar, artificial sweeteners or caffeine. It doesn’t suck. It has citric acid, so I can almost pretend it’s soda.

2/3/24 – Out Of Sorts
Tomorrow is the last of the anitbiotics. Hopefully my mind will find its track again when I’m done. 
2/4/24 – Numerical Pattern Day
It was one of those three grocery store days. None of them had everything I needed till the last one, a Winn-Dixie had the last three things on my list. We are back in Starke, the illegal gun sale capital of Florida. (Allegedly) 

2/5/24 – No Jack Day
Some days, no matter how long and hard you turn the crank on the box, Jack just doesn’t pop up.

Just saw on the news that a tornado touched down ten miles away from us. Heard the sirens, but assumed it was a fire or something.

2/6/24 – Bike Ready Day
Pumped up the tires, lubed the chain and WD-40’d the cables and levers. It will be all set to ride tomorrow! Only, tomorrow we have to go run errands and pick up some essentials. So, all ready to ride on Thursday!

2/7/24 – Pill Run
Went to two pharmacies today to pick up pills. One for Tonya. One for Pat. None for me, but I’m not feeling left out.