Tom Week – Changes

A week of Changes and Stress

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Job Hunt

The gauntlet interview went even better than I hoped. Everyone was very nice. There were no gotcha questions. I really want to work there. Though I’m a bit stressed about the changes.


I’m off to San Diego this weekend. Or rather last weekend by the time you read this. WordCamps are conferences and tutorials for working with WordPress.

The tough part is that the F1 season starts this weekend with the Australian Grand Prix. This is one of the few races I get to watch live, due to the time difference. So I’ll be spending my wild night in the big city watching TV. I am such the party animal.

Stress Thursday

Waiting to hear about the job. Dad’s in the hospital again. This time with gall bladder issues. Getting ready for a conference.

WordCamp Update (Sat.)

My flight to San Diego got delayed from 11:45 AM on Friday to 1:05 AM on Saturday. I managed to book another flight. However this went from San Francisco to Salt Lake City then to San Diego. That’s more than a bit out of the way. It’s in a another time zone. I was 25 miles from Wyoming! In the end though I got to San Diego only an hour and a half later than originally planned.

Then waiting for the bus to the motel I got tired of waiting and started walking. It was only three miles but I had about fifty pounds of luggage weighing me down. My feet were killing me by the end. The pain kept me up all night.

The feet feel better now but I’m not on top of my game.

Saturday Night

As I got off the trolley in downtown San Diego there was a mighty blast. I turned to see that a fireworks display was happening out over the harbor. Apparently this happens a lot because I was the only person watching them. All the other people on the sidewalk just wandered by like nothing special was going on.

Wound up at my favorite San Diego bar, the “Star.” Previously here I spoke with a pirate and danced with a very drunk man. Tonight I tried to help three Korean sailors meet some “American” women. American, in this context meaning blonde and white.

They did not like my advice to go to a dance club. They did not like my advice that they go talk to the three young Filipino girls dressed like hookers. (Though the bartender said that they weren’t hookers.) They were grateful that I pointed out that the hefty gals playing pool were in fact men. They bought me a beer for that one.

In addition I met the lead singer to punk hip hop fusion band. He invited me to come to their show on Sunday night. Fortunately I was smart enough to check out a few of their songs. I did not go to that show.

Not paying attention to time I wound up missing the last trolley. There was however a bike share station right there so I figured I’d try that. It was a sturdy bike for sure. Probably the heaviest bike I’ve ever ridden, but it beat walking. I wound up checking the bike in at the Old Town Transit Center. I pushed the bike into the rack, heard a click and was then unable to pull the bike back out. (Remember those details.)

WordCamp Update (Sun.)

Later start today. Slept pretty well last night. Following mostly the business track today I didn’t learn as much as I’d hoped. Lost of common sense stuff which those of us with grey hair already knew. Of course the young people didn’t want to believe that you needed such silly things a requirements documents and legal department approvals. The young fools.

The case of bike 0841

bike 0841Remember when I said remember those details? Well getting up Monday morning I checked my emails and had one telling me that the bike I rented is missing, and if I don’t return it they will report it stolen. Great way to start the morning! I respond, telling them where and when I docked the bike. Then I packed up to head to the airport. I stopped by the transit center and the bike was still there. I took pictures but did not touch the bike.

I later got and email that they were sending a technician to check on the bike. I’ve heard nothing since.

Nearly free ride to the airport

I got off the trolley stop nearest to the airport, but it was still a mile+ walk. Fortunately I found myself in front of the rental car return lot. So I walked across the lot and followed some people into the building. Then I followed some other people out of the building and on to the bus. Got dropped off right at the Delta doors. I tipped the driver a dollar for helping me with my bag.

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