Tom Week – The Challenge

Bike Challenge Update

I finished the month with 138 miles, which put me in 25th for San Francisco. This is my third best month ever. Hoping for good weather in June. Hoping for top 20.

Hurray for surly teens

Today at Petco I was checked-out by a wonderfully surly teenage girl. They were very busy and had four registers going. I picked line 3, which seemed to be the fastest. The people in front of me were quite insulted by the girl’s attitude. They failed to notice though that her line went faster than the other three lines combined. I’d rather have good service than good attitude any day.

The haunted bench

People keep seeing their dead relatives sitting on the bench in our front yard. The best was a family walking by and a little girl waved and screamed, “Grandma!” Her parents were confused and embarrassed. Apparently the didn’t see grandma on the bench.

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