Tom Week – Casey Jones and Critters

Lake City is the land of Critters


Short bike ride today. A wonderful wander.

Abigail’s leg is getting better every day.

So is my blood sugar.


Went to brunch at Grammies. A must-do activity here in Starke.


Were are in Lake City where it is hot and humid. We are at the Lake City Campground which is up the street from the Lake City RV Resort which is up the street from the Lake City RV Park. The imaginations run wild.

My blood sugar is down under 200. Yeah!

Lake City seems to be the land of animal statues.


The park we’re in is much more of an overnight spot. It’s fun to watch the park completely empty and fill up again. Also, many of the campers aren’t too experienced with hooking up their rigs. The couple next door took two hours to do fifteen minutes of work.

The roads here are very straight. I did a ten mile bike ride and the Strava map is just a straight red line.

I spent the rest of the day not feeling too well. I assumed that I did too much on my ride but this evening I found a huge bug bite at the base of my neck. Have to watch those little critters.


Got lost in the woods on my bike ride today. It was wonderful. It was mostly dirt roads so the going was slow. Wound up back on the highway five miles north of where I expected to be. Fun.

The best part is that I don’t have the tiredness I felt after yesterday’s much shorter ride.

Spent a good part of today looking for the next stop. We’re just wandering around till my Doctor appointment. Finally settled on a park just ten miles away.

We also got to watch some hawks killing and eating tiny lizards.


Today we drove a whole seven miles to a new park. It is a quite cramped camp. We’ve been spoiled by the park in Starke where the sites are wide and spacious.

This is the kind of park where old guys in bathrobes and baseball caps walk their wiener dogs.

It seems that every time we go to the WalMart in Lake City the temperature shoots up. Weird.


Twelve mile bike ride today put me over 100 miles for the month. Today’s ride had an actual hill. Yes, a hill, in Florida! Half way up my heart rate started to rise and i got scared that I might set off my irregular heart beat. I spent the rest of the ride afraid of putting too much strain on my heart. Time to start using my heart monitor again.

We are at the Casey Jones campground in Lake City FL. It’s a funky little park buts has the absolute best shower of any RV park I’ve ever been in.


stone elephants
A heard of stone elephants in downtown Lake City, FL
Wiley Coyote carved out of a tree trunk.
Two hawks sit waiting for the little lizards to reveal themselves.
The horse was looking at me till I pulled out the camera.
“I wonder if that human would make a good meal.”
The moon among the clouds and trees.
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