Tom Week - Cape Cod

RV and big rock

7/28/22 – More Meds

I was finally able to get through to my doctor and she gave me the pills that keep my feet from swelling. Then I had to jump through the hoops to get the prescription transferred from Florida to here. They may be ready tomorrow.

Did laundry today and for quite a while I was the only person in the place. Weird and kind of cool.

7/29/22 – Got Em

Had to make a few calls to get the prescription straightened out, but straightened out it was. I picked them up this afternoon. It will take a couple days to get the swelling down though.

7/30/22 – Close, But No Bike Ride

Another bad night with foot pain, but after a few stiff first steps this morning, my feet are much better. Not quite up to riding my bike, but I can walk and drive no problem. For tomorrow there is hope.

7/31/22 – Ronnie’s

Foot’s all better. Rode my bike down to Ronnie’s to pick up fish and chips and a hot dog. A whole mile.

8/1/22 – Cape Freakin Cod

I haven’t driven over the Bourne Bridge in decades. Supposedly it’s identical to the Sagamore, but it’s not. 

8/2/22 – Cape Cod Canal

I rode the whole length of the southern side of the Cape Cod Canal Bike Path. Went under all three bridges. Got a picture of a seagull tearing a fish apart.

After supper tonight Tonya and I went for a walk and had chocolate ice cream. Don’t tell Pat.

8/3/22 – Cape Cod Hills?

Yes, hills on Cape Cod. A twelve mile ride and 475 feet of climbing.