Tom Week - Canadians!

drive-in movie

6/22/23 – Lucky Day
If I didn’t have to return the bathroom key to the office at the RV park this morning, it would have been a bad day. I gave the woman behind the desk the key and she handed me the package that we expected to be waiting for us in Ohio.

6/23/23 – Radar Lies
After lunch I checked the radar. It was cloudy, but there was no rain in sight. I put on my riding gear, and hit the road. Fortunately, the downpour started before I made it out the park. Still nothing on the radar.

Two hours later, the rain stopped, and I got a ride in.

6/24/23 – Trapezoids For Everybody
I took a bike ride today whose route made an almost perfect trapezoid on the map. This has some hidden meaning which I have yet to determine. Perhaps the answer lies with the glamping Mennonites up the road.

6/25/23 – Where Are We?
Sometimes I pick a campground because it’s half-way to where I want to go. This time, it was to keep ahead of a storm. The wikipedia entry made it sound boring. The campground though it right in the middle of this funky little town. Interesting. 

6/26/23 – Where Shall We Go?
As the smoke from the Canadian fires clears, we lose one factor to avoid. If the air conditioner controller coming Wednesday works, we don’t have to worry about heat so much. I’ve applied for a couple movie roles, but haven’t heard back yet.

So where shall we go? There are so many places we’ve already gone. Don’t really need to return to those.

6/27/23 – Smoke Again
The passing storms have pulled the smoke into the wind behind them. They skies are gray and stinky again.

6/28/23 – Not Fog
It looks like fog, but definitely doesn’t smell like fog.