Tom Week – Bye House

Clearing Out The House

So much to do. So little time. WEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

The Keys to the Kingdom

We handed over the house keys today. Ate one last time at our favorite hamburger place in Sausalito. The car is full of trash. It doesn’t seem real yet.

It’s Saturday night and the finality of moving out of the house still hasn’t hit. Lurking in the shadows of my near future is a major cry. I just don’t know when or where it will hit.

The car is gone. I keep flashing back to my first car after I got my license. The amazing feeling of freedom. It’s going to be weird not being able to jump in the car on a whim.

Had a weird thought last night. Adventure greed. I had a little adventure the other day and I didn’t add it to any of my journals. At first I felt guilty about not sharing it, but I later realized that not everything needs to be shared. Some adventures are just for the people that are there.

Random Thoughts

My best advice for new writers; don’t take advice from me.

The end of human existence is watching a documentary about smart phone addiction, on your smart phone.

Fiction is basically a lie with a back story.

Beware the coyote’s stare. There is anger in there.

I hate when I’m late picking up on prompts.

Listening to DEVO’s first album. I am SO old.

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