Tom Week - Bye Bye Florida

alligator creek sign

2/8/24 – Bike Ride Day
I went a whole 5.9 miles. The first half mile my knees were screaming, but after that they calmed down. After the ride there wasn’t much pain.

2/9/24 – Mob Day
There is always something new to see. Today it was a bunch of kangaroos on a farm. No, I’m not insane, Pat saw them too. I had to look it up, but a bunch of kangaroos is called a mob.

2/10/24 – Windy Bike Ride
I had forgotten that there was wind. I did eight miles. Next time ten.

So all day I’ve been answering the question, who will I cheer for in the SuperBowl. San Francisco. I lived there for 20 years. People are telling me that I can’t like a team just because I lived there. I didn’t realize there were rules about things like this.
2/11/24 – Time Zoning
I’m a fully grown adult, reasonably intelligent, but for some reason I am unable to remember that Florida has two time zones. Every time I cross the Apalachicola River and my phone beeps, I’m surprised. Like an infant playing peek-a-boo.

2/12/24 – Task Day
This morning I made a list of everything I’ve been worrying about. Then I just started working on the things I could do something about. I got a bunch of stuff done. I feel much better now.

Some day I need to work on my procrastination.

2/13/24 – Too Windy To Ride
I’m getting old. The temperature was almost warm enough to ride. The wind was almost not so strong enough to ride. However, the temperature mixed with the wind made my bones ache, so I skipped it and got some indoor work done.

2/14/24 – V Day
I was going to surprise Pat with some doodad from WalMart, but they had already put away everything and were putting out Easter stuff. Wound up getting her a bag of her favorite tortilla chips. I’m such the romantic.