Tom Week – Butte to Billings

9/9/20 – It’s a Butte

I make that joke every time we come here. Butte is a weird town built on a steep hill. Montana’s Technical College is here, and there is a used book store on just about every block.

9/10/20 – We don’t need no stinkin’ brakes

My first time approaching a red light down a very steep hill is when I discovered that my brakes were not up to such a task. Fortunately the light changed before I got there. I approached the rest at a more leisurely pace.

Fortunately, a simple adjustment has greatly improved The Nazz’s stopping power.

Got to lay on the hammock for a while today. Nice breeze. The smell of canvas. Dark metal on the radio. Bliss.

9/11/20 – The Hills

No matter which direction you go from here, you are a bout a mile from steep hills. They are inescapable. Today I tried to ride where there were no hills. My source of topography needs replacing. There were hills. Big ones.

9/12/20 – Pat Bozeman

On our way to Big Timber Montanta, no I’m not making that up, we past through Bozeman. We stopped at a very expensive grocery store that had really good produce and meats. Thank you Yelp.

9/13/20 – By the Power of Greycliff!

Rode my bike to Prairie Dog Town today. I did not know that prairie dogs screeched. Well, they do. Especially when some asshole from Connecticut walks his dog among them.

Prairie Dog Town is a park in Greycliff Montana. It is a very small town and if you live there you are required to have at least 17 junk vehicles in your yard.

9/14/20 – Back in Billings

We are at, not just A KOA, but THE KOA. The very first one. It was a short drive from Big Timber so we managed to get a bunch of errands done.

9/15/20 – Smoke Over Billings

The jet stream has brought the west coast fire smoke to central Montana. It’s not nearly as bad as San Francisco but the sky remained gray all day.

On my bike ride today I nearly ran over a praying mantis. I stopped to apologize and it forgave me.


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