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sunset by the sea

5/30/24 – Random Programming Day
Sometimes my brain just snaps and fixates on an idea. For a while I’ve been thinking about how to cut down on my websites bloat, without getting rid of old content. Today I had and idea and spent a couple hours writing a program to carry it out. It’s working so far.

Also, didn’t win the lottery again. I’m stuck in a rut.

5/31/24 – Big Puddle
Tonya and I went out to take a walk and noticed a big puddle under the RV. On the wrong side of the RV. Seems the water pressure was too high and some fitting popped off the fresh water tank. I unhooked the water and the leak stopped. Get to do plumbing tomorrow. Oh boy!

6/1/24 – Oops!
Was so tired from dealing with our leaky water pump, that I forgot to write last night.

6/2/24 – Back in Pacifica
Tonya has two appoints this week to make sure she’s not too sick to have surgery.

6/3/24 – Marine Layer
Fogged in. Picked up the rental car. Prepping for tomorrow’s stress test for Tonya. The sun finally peeped through the thick clouds just in time for it to set.

6/4/24 – Stress Test
Almost didn’t get done today because Tonya’s blood pressure was too high. I managed to calm her down enough though. Once again Tonya amazed a room full of medical people at how cooperative she is. Even if it you don’t know sign language.

6/5/24 – Not The Dentist
Took Tonya for her throat cam up the nose visit. We were shown to the exam room and the nurse had Tonya sit in the exam chair, which Tonya mistook for a dentist chair. Pat had explained to her what was going to happen, so Tonya was sure that I had made a horrible mistake. I explained that we weren’t at the dentist and she calmed down. After that, a tube uo the nose was no problem.

So, the stress test and the throat scan showed nothing to prevent surgery.