Tom Week - Broke Down

RV being towed

10/27/22 – Getting Ready
Laundry and organization. Hitting the road tomorrow. Off to upstate New York.

10/28/22 – The House Broke Down
We were driving along and lost oil pressure. I pulled over. The engine died and wouldn’t start again. I called Good Sam for a tow and two hours later they called back and said the couldn’t help because I was on the Mass Turnpike. So they called the state police and they called the tow people who are allowed to tow people on the Mass Turnpike.

A couple hours and three tow trucks later, they were able to hook us up and drag us to Westfield. Tomorrow the Good Sam people will come and tow us to the repair place, which I will try to contact in the morning.

10/29/22 – Motel Life
Motel life sucks. We had lunch from the local Wendy’s. Neither Pat nor I could finish our sandwiches. Not sure the plumbing here will ever be the same. 

Tomorrow we’re getting a rental car. That should make things easier. Can’t get the RV towed to the repair place till Monday. After that, who knows?

10/30/22 – Feeling Better
Rental car helps. Less of a sense of being trapped. Tomorrow I will find a place to fix the RV and get it towed there. All will be well.

The whole breakdown seems much less a tragedy and more an annoyance.

10/31/22 – Halloween
So far today two trucks have come to tow the RV. They were both way too small. I might have a big one coming later tonight, after the drivers takes his kids trick-or-treating.

I was challenged by a friend to come up with a makeshift Halloween costume. I am BAG MAN, the homeless super hero.

11/1/22 – Day Of The Dead
The RV got towed! It now sits at the repair place awaiting its new engine. It’s in the hands of a very nice man who steals his kid’s Halloween candy. It will take a week or more to be done, but the process has begun. Time to relax. Tomorrow we’re moving to a motel closer to civilization, with better cell phone reception.

Is there anyone who doesn’t think He-Man is lame and Skeletor is the cool one?

1/2/22 – Under The Red Roof
Things are working out. Today we moved to The Red Roof Inn in West Springfield. We got a really good rate because we’re staying for a week. Score!