Tom Week - Broke Computer

round little house

6/1/23 – A Real KOA

The wifi works. The cable TV works. There’s a pool. They deliver pizza to your site. Thet even have recycling bins. Ah!

Also, we’re in Michigan. That leaves only three states we haven’t been to in the yellow bus. (Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico not included.)

6/2/23 – Hunt Brothers Pizza

Tonya had takeout pizza tonight. She made yummy noises.

I rode my bike today to get a glimpse of Lake Michigan. My wishes were denied. Too far inland and too many private roads. Tomorrow, I’m headed to Paw Paw Lake, which is surprisingly not close to Paw Paw Michigan, the home of A.W. Underwood, the Paw Paw Blowtorch.

6/3/23 – Racing on TV

To make up for missing all the car racing on Memorial Day Weekend I watched the NASCAR truck race today. All my favorite drivers were wrecked by other people. Takes all the fun out of it.

6/4/23 – Back Road Misery

Back roads in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois are terrible. How can roads that are all straight be in such bad condition?

6/5/23 – Change Of Plans Again

Who’d have thought that fires in Nova Scotia would ruin the air over Wisconsin. Now we have to add air quality to our planning matrix. At what point does avoiding things become more important than going places?

6/6/23 – Exhaust Day

Took a turn too tight in a parking lot today and smushed the RV’s tailpipe. Pulled in to a Goodwill parking lot to fix it. I managed to remove the hangars and clamps, but the pipe wouldn’t budge.

I had to go to Lowe’s to buy a cutting wheel for the drill. I wound up buying three. Dad’s ghost said I would need that many. I did. So I managed to cut away the crushed and twisted part of the tail pipe.

You may have noticed I said, “the drill” instead of “my drill.” The drill was my father-in-law’s. It’s a Black and Decker from the 1970’s. Yes, it’s nearly 50 years old and still works better than any other drill I’ve owned. But it will never be mine. It wall always be his.

Anyway, we got on the road again and reached our destination. I’m proud I was able to fix it, Got myself a beer as a reward.

6/9/23 – Dead Puter

My laptop died on Wednesday. The screen became a grid of tiny little squares. I followed several tutorials on how to fix it, but to no avail. Fortunately, I was able to move the hard drive to an external enclosure, so I lost no data.

I now have a new laptop, a Gateway with a curious cow on my screen. I call her Martha. I’ve spent the last days getting everything installed and copied. I have a long way to go.