Tom Week - Broke Bike

broke bike

3/24/22 – Goodbye Old Friend

Yesterday I took a wrong turn and had to do a tight three point turn and backed into a tree, bending the frame on my bike. I’m afraid it’s beyond repair. I spent this afternoon stripping all the upgrades off. Tomorrow I’ll look for a new bike.

3/25/22 – Where Are The Bikes?

I stopped in several stores and found nothing acceptable. I even went to a fancy bike shop and they had nothing. I find a couple good ones on line, but getting them delivered to where I am going to be is proving difficult.

We are in Moss Landing. One of my favorite places.

3/26/22 - Walmart Sucks

I found a bike that perfectly fit my needs and the WalMart in Gilroy had them in stock. I bought one and arranged to pick it up. Two hours later they informed me that they didn’t actually have any. This was after they’d already charged me for the bike.

I dragged out the folding bike and dowsed it in WD-40. I let it sit and soak a while. A couple parts needed some physical encouragement but it’s mostly working. The rear brake cable  and shifter cable are both rusted stuck. There are a couple locked links in the chain.

3/27/22 – Reviving Mr. Ed

I call the folding bike Mr. Ed. I loosened up the chain, but the cables are still stuck. I manually set the rear derailler to third gear. I took it for a short ride and it went well. I just need to pull the cables off and lube them.

3/28/22 – That’s Better

We arrived at the San Francisco RV Resort, which is not in San Francisco, and we’re given the worst spot imaginable. Severely cramped. Facing a wall with the highway beyond. It was so bad that our slide -out refused to slide out. When I hooked up the power I got a red light on my surge protector. Then I went to plug in the cable TV and got a shock. Not good.

I went to the office to tell them about the bad wiring to see if they could do anything. They could. They moved us to an ocean view site with good power. We are on the side of hill though. I had to use more leveling blocks than I’ve ever used before, but we’re leveled.

And the slide-out works now. Well, I helped a little. Something was jammed in one of the tracks. 

3/29/22 – Doctor Stuff

Tonya had her annual follow-up for her heart surgery. Everything is looking good. We were lucky enough to get the same guy doing the ultrasound. He was again impressed how cooperative Tonya is without hearing or seeing.

Halfway through he turned to me and asked if Tonya liked roller coasters. Tonya LOVES roller coasters. I asked how he knew and he said he read a paper about how deaf-blind people with good body awareness love roller coasters. So, Tonya is normal.