Tom Week – Boot Hill to Bismark

6/15/19 – Boot Hill

I took the rental pickup back to rent-a-wreck. I told the guy that every time it hits a big bump all the warning lights turn on. He laughed and said, “Yeah, it does that.”

I went for a bike ride and climbed the hill to the airport, which sits on a 500 foot cliff. My Strava time for climb is 81 out of 81. Yes, I am the slowest!

Then going down the other side I came across the Boot Hill Cemetery. Yes, the actual Boot Hill. It was overgrown with weeds. Sad. (Well, it was one of the boot hills. Turns out there’s a lot of them.)

6/16/19 – Miles City

We are in Miles City which has some very low bridges. Fortunately the first one we encountered has a warning light telling us we were too tall. Then the talking lady GPS tried to send us down a dirt road. We ignored her and took the long paved road around. Turns out the dirt road goes under a 9 foot bridge. We made the right choice.

Miles City was named as a taunt for the local fort commander who kicked out the booze sellers. So they formed their own town two miles away. We are just over the dike from the Yellowstone River. According to the guide book I will be hunting agate tomorrow.

6/17/19 – Bike Fall

After riding three miles of riding on hard-packed dirt roads I came down and steep hill and into a patch of wet, loose gravel. I hit the brakes. The bike went left. I went down. All scraped up and bruised ribs bout serious damage. The bike is fine.

6/18/19 – North Dakota

We are the gateway to the Teddy Roosevelt National Park. There is a statue of him downtown. It’s the middle of nowhere but the park is full on a Tuesday. The closest McDonalds is 150 miles away.

6/19/19 – Medora

A lazy day by the river. Well, lazy for me. Pat cleaned a bunch of bugs off the front of the RV. We found evidence of mouse activity in one of our food drawers. It may have just come in to get out of the cold. Hopefully gone in the heat of the day.

6/20/19 – Bismark

The capitol of North Dakota and the state’s second largest city. Very nice park with lots of shade. The grocery stores in ND do not sell alcohol. I don’t know why I am telling you that because I rarely buy alcohol in grocery stores anyway.


pony cow
I thought it was a cow, but it’s actually a pony
low bridge
Our talking lady GPS tried told us to take the RV under this bridge. We turned around.
gross knee injury
Loose wet rocks in the road are not your friend
circus truck
The circus isn’t in town, just the advance man
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