Tom Week – Blood Sugar Alley


I did something to my knee and got no sleep last night. I wore a knee brace today and it’s doing so much better now.

We’ve been driving around the area for the last week and the overwhelming characteristic is uniformity. All these little cities just blend together and if it wasn’t for the signs you’d have no clues to where you were. That’s not to say that there’s nothing worth seeing or doing. Just not that much. It’s pretty though.

I’m holding steady blood sugar wise. If the insurance doesn’t come through on Monday I’m going to have to pay for it myself.


Went to the drug store to get my diabetes meds. The insurance hasn’t cleared but I’m sick and need them now. Only, the guy at the counter wouldn’t give them to me. He said that I should wait until the insurance clears. I told him how sick I was but he told me to wait, so I left.

A couple hours later I get a text from the drug store saying my meds are ready for pickup. When I go there the pharmacist apologizes to me and make the tech apologize as well. She tells him that if I wound up in the emergency room it would have been his fault. Fun.

Tonight I went to open night at Auburndale Speedway. Much fun. I was surrounded by people speaking French. Snowbirds from Quebec. The racing was great but it was very cold. Unfortunately when it’s very cold all the smokes go to the men’s room. Just a few minutes in there and I reek of smoke. I had to put my clothes outside in a trash bag.


It was a dark and stormy day. The diabetes meds are slowing taking control. Feeling better.

So what’s the deal with the Pro Bowl? It’s like an all-star game for second-stringers. Now players from the best two teams are there so it’s like the best of the rest. Football’s Miss Congeniality.


Slept very late this morning. Nice. As happens some times my blood sugar spiked high today. Fortunately it came spiraling back down to almost normal levels. Also nice.


Today we had to unhook and go buy propane. It was the best adventure we’ve had in a while. I went on Google Maps and searched for “propane.” The closest place was 5.3 miles away. We were off.

The place turned out to be a u-haul rental place and chicken farm. The guy who runs it has to be close to 100. While the propane was filling we walked around and saw chickens, roosters, ducks, geese and one very scared dog tied to a trailer. My highlight was finding a fresh egg just laying on the ground.

Oh yes, and the white hearse sitting behind the office.


We got a new windshield today. It’s name is Duncan. The guys who did it were amazingly fast and efficient. Like they’ve done this hundreds of times, which of course, they have. Now we can drive without worry. Huzzah!


Good bike ride today. Afterwards my blood sugar was 206. That’s my best reading in many weeks. Two hours later I was at 404. Fun with spikes!


At the propane place and chicken farm there were eggs just laying there on the ground.
glass truck
The windshield guys came out to the campground to fix our windshield. Did I explain that right?
One of the glass guys was an aging biker rock star.
Duncan the windshield
Our new windshield’s name is Duncan.
auburndale speedway
A cold Saturday night at Auburndale Speedway
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