Tom Week – Billings to Buffalo

9/17/20 – Last Day in Billings

I need a bike ride. My muscles are complaining. However, the smoke here in Billings has been real bad for the last two days. My asthma can’t handle any strain right now. Tomorrow we’ll be in Wyoming. The air should be better there.

9/18/20 – Wyoming is not Colorado

We are in Buffalo Wyoming in a campground with cable TV. However, there are no Wyoming channels. They are all from Colorado. I looked it up. There ARE TV stations in Wyoming, but for some reason not here. Weird.

I was a bit disappointed in Montana because I found no far right wingnut newspapers. Turns out I may have been looking in the wrong places. I picked up free paper in Sheridan Wyoming called EVERYBODY’S AUTOS. It’s half auto ads and half right wing indoctrination. The first article is titled, “The Problem With Elitism.” It describes how all educated people are evil. It goes downhill and nasty from there.

9/19/20 – Wyoming is not Montana

My news app won’t admit that we are in Wyoming. It keeps saying we are places in Montana where we never were.

Buffalo is a funky little town. Half of downtown is taken up by the Occidental Hotel. It’s been there, and in business as a hotel, for 140 years. Many famous people, good and bad, have stayed there. The current bar was installed in 1908. If it wasn’t for the plague I’d be there tonight listening to bad country music.

9/20/20 – Name That Feces

Tried a couple of the dirt road bike trails today. Apparently they are also frequented by cows. Had to do tight zig-zags in a few places.

9/21/20 – IGA

Road my bike to the store today. It was an IGA. I haven’t been in one of those for a long time. Nobody was wearing a mask.

9/22/20 – Wyoming Rolling

Rode my bike on the only road out of town that doesn’t climb a mountain. There were still hills, but much easier than the other rides. I saw deer and nearly every other kind of four-legged livestock. No pigs though. I wonder why?


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