Tom Week - Bikes, Naps and Stuff

bike and pond

9/8/22 – On The Bike

I went for a bike ride for the first time in over a week. A nice ride.

9/9/22 – Nap Time

After my bike ride today I took a shower then was going to work on the moped. Instead my body decided it had some snoring to do. Ah well.

9/10/22 – Reverse Engineering

I’m having to take parts off the moped to figure out how they work. This seems counterproductive but it’s necessary. I took the throttle cable off and found that it had been installed incorrectly, and was trashed at one end. This is probably why nothing happens when I twist the throttle. New cable is on the way.

I also changed the transmission oil today. I drained out the old stuff and there wasn’t nearly enough. I filled it up with new oil. That should make the clutch happier. Another potential mobility fix.

I’m having trouble with the speedometer. It uses very non-standard parts. Pat suggested that I just get a speedometer app for my phone and a phone mount for the handlebars. Genius. 

I also learned the secret code for ordering a spark plug that will work. Thank you internet moped geeks.

I got the rear brake working again, but it needs a new cable. That one was easy.

9/11/22 – Getting Organized

I should say, getting organized again. This time I’m replacing two databases and an application with a new application. I’m eventually trying to have all my project management in a single place. Eventually.

9/12/22 – PreOp

Pat’s first eye surgery is tomorrow. Not nervous at all. Yeah, I don’t believe me either. 

9/13/22 – Op

Pat gets to play pirate. The surgery was quick. I was waiting in line at 5 Guys when I got the call that she was done. I was going to go to KFC, but when I got there it smelled terrible.

9/14/22 – It Moves!

Put the new throttle cable and spark plug on the moped today. It starts right up now and actually moves under its own power. Unfortunately, as soon as I ease up on the gas, the carburetor floods. The float isn’t working properly.

I had the choice of buying a rebuild kit for $13 or a brand new carburetor for $19. The new carb arrives on Friday.