Tom Week – Bike Work

7/30/20 – Bike Work Day

I changed the gears on my bike and now it’s much easier to ride. I’m impressed with myself. I’ve never done this before. The tricky part was changing the shifter from 2 speed to 3 speed.

I also tracked down the annoying clicking/popping sound. Several of the front spokes were loose. Whoever put the wheels together was in a rush.

7/31/20 – Tired Legs and Such

I went for a bike ride today, but my legs hadn’t fully recovered from my long ride the other day, so I had cut it short. The bike is working much better with the new gears. Still a few teething adjustments to make.

8/1/20 – August is upon us

Time flies when you’re sitting still.

Today I seem to have fixed our hydraulic levelers. All they needed was a quart of transmission fluid. One quart after five years isn’t so bad.

8/2/20 – On The Level

I had to add a quart of transmission fluid to the hydraulic levelers. They seem to be holding better now. It’s only been 5 years. That adds up to nearly a dollar a year in maintenance costs. The horror.

8/3/20 – Tonya Infusion

In a weird reversal we had to drive from Gilroy to San Francisco for Tonya to get the first of her annual infusions for her osteoporosis. She’s tired, but no side-effects so far.

8/4/20 – Side Effects

Tonya has a fever and has been in bed all day. She had a big spike in blood sugar, but is doing better now.

Road the bike today for 10 miles. Averaged 10.2 MPH. Best so far on The Nazz.

8/5/20 – Petaluma Land

It’s weird driving to San Francisco and not stopping. Though it’s nice that we are no longer stuck here. We’re spending two days in Petaluma. A very nice camp. I’ll get some pictures of the petting zoo tomorrow.

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