Tom Week – Bike Trails

2/20/20 – Forever Bike Trails

This part of Florida is full of amazing bike trails. There used to be hundreds of miles of railroad tracks to move fish and stuff around. The trains are gone and the tracks have been paved-over. Today I rode on a trail that runs from Trenton to Tennille. That’s 40 miles of car-free cycling, though I didn’t go quite that far.

Our neighbors here don’t know how fire works. The other neighbors try to help them but they mostly just make a pile of smoke. Their kids are not in school for some reason. It’s the dad’s opinion that drinking a six-pack a night, every night, doesn’t make you and alcoholic. The real Florida.

2/21/20 – Miscanopy

Another unpronounceable city. Everyone says it differently.

We are in a campground in a swamp called a prairie. Apparently if it’s flat enough for long enough it’s a prairie even if there is little solid ground. Somewhere in the park there are wild horses and bison. I will search for them tomorrow.

2/22/20 – Swamped

Went for a bike ride through the swamp today. Creepy green water that disappears out among the trees. The I saw an armadillo feasting on an ant hill. I did not know that there were armadillos in Florida.

2/23/20 – Payne’s Palmtree Prairie

They claim this is a prairie but there are palm trees. That’s not right.

No armadillos today but I came across one of the creepiest cemeteries ever. The creepiest of all was headstone that was just a cinder block with a plastic mirror glued to it. Carved into the mirror was a man’s name. I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of it.

2/24/20 – Dog Park

Took Abigail to the dog park here at the Ocala RV park. She met a yippy little dog that could not understand why Abigail did not want to play.

2/25/20 – Beating The Rain

I rode my bike to the rental car place. 4.5 miles. I beat the rain by about 10 minutes. Then I had to wait an hour for the car to be ready.


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