Tom Week – Bike Shopping

4/2/20 – Irrational Bike Lanes

I discovered that there are way more bike lanes around here than I thought. The problem is that they are quite unreliable. They come and go with out warning. They take 90 degree turns for no reason. And sometimes they dead-end on unbikable roads in the middle of nowhere. Such fun.

4/3/20 – It only rained a bit

A big scary storm just missed us today. That happens a lot here. We are in some weather pattern hiccup that protects us from the worst.

Today at 5PM the lake became officially closed to water activity. I don’t know what the fishers are going to do. How will they escape their families now?

When riding my bike today I came upon what looked like a man putting a road closed sign across the bike path. Turns out he was taking down the sign his boss told him to put up that morning. The boss misunderstood what the state was telling him.

4/4/20 – Closed In

No bike ride today. Too much rain. I signed up for an online course on programming and animation. I tried downloading the files but my computer estimates it will take two days.

4/5/20 – Open Out

Got to the store today and bought much-needed supplies. It’s amazing how random the store shortages are. Today they had no almond milk, though on previous visits they had piles of it.

Also got in a good bike ride. Ten miles. Very Easy. I’m getting lazy.

4/6/20 – Mule Cycling

Today I got to ride my bike to PetsMart to pick up two bags of Abigail’s dog food. The store is discouraging shoppers so we ordered online for curbside pickup. The other shoppers in the cars gave me some funny looks. One bag fit in my big bike bag. The other got bungie-corded to my rack. Who needs a car?

4/7/20 – Moving Day

Our 14 days at the lakeside site was up today. We moved across the street to an inland site where we’ll be for at least the next 30 days. It’s like a whole different park over here. The view isn’t as nice but there’s a lot more shade. I set up the hammock.

4/8/20 – Shopping Day

Today I peddled over to WalMart and went shopping for light things. I tried to not buy too much. I failed, but still managed to pack everything on the bike. Doesn’t everyone use bungee cords to secure bananas?

The second store trip was to the grocery store across the street. That trip was for heavy stuff.


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