Tom Week - Better Then Worse


11/3/22 – Settling In
The Red Roof Inn is working out pretty well. It’s not home, but home is in the shop right now. Everything is a short drive away, though the traffic patterns were not well-designed.

We got a few more things out of the RV today. They’ve started work on it. A good sign.

11/4/22 – Transition
There was nothing to do today. That’s a good thing, but it’s hard to transition from crisis mode to waiting mode.

Tonya and I took a walk today. Also walking around the motel parking lot was an old bent over woman with a walker. We didn’t talk much because Tonya and I couldn’t keep up with her.

Next to the motel is a Hooters. On the other side of that is a very old cemetery. We walked around and looked at the old gravestones. Well, I looked at them. Tonya mostly grumbled about the rough path.

11/5/22 – White Hut
Stumbled upon a little hamburger place that’s been there since 1939. Pretty good burger. Great french fries. Friendly people. They have Stewart’s soda, but were out of grape.

More shopping today. It’s amazing how much stuff you have around a house that you never think about till you get stuck away from it.

11/6/22 – Happy Birthday Tonya
We took her out to lunch. She had a happy meal. Then we went to a thrift store that was pretty devoid of thrift. Ah well.

11/7/22 – The Universe
Got the estimate for the repair job. It was higher than I expected but not by that much. When I checked my email later there was message from the warranty company. The universe is watching out for us.

11/8/22 – Bad News
The supply chain strikes again. The engine we need is backlogged. It will be 12 to 15 weeks before it’s ready. Time for Plan B.

11/9/22 – Packing Out
We got everything form the RV that we think we might need. Of course we took things we will never need, and left things we will. Friday we head south.