Tom Week – Beach to Beach

Did a little bit of school work today. Felt good. Need to get my confidence and/or interest back. Too windy to ride today. I rode yesterday, 14 miles. It felt like I hadn’t been off the bike for nearly a month. Though Virginia Beach is flatter than flat.

Rex is losing all control again. Even the home-made doggie diapers can’t always protect him from embarrassment.

Rainy day. Anxiety attack over schoolwork. A bit of re-planning settled me down.

Good bike ride today. Only 14 miles, but the weather was nice. I have this weird thing going on where all my rides last about an hour and fifteen minutes. I don’t plan it that way, that just seems to be how long I ride. Weird.

Tonight Mom is making me watch the Red Sox in what I hope is the last World Series game. She says they’ll lose of I don’t watch.

Watching Monday Night Football with the Patriots. Am I sports guy now?

Back in Myrtle Beach. Haven’t been here in decades.

Author: Tom
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