Tom Week – Beach Land

10/24/19 – Myrtle Beach

Yes, we are once again in Myrtle Beach. Were are parked about 50 yards from the ocean. The guy at the campground gate gave us a standing ovation for our funky RV. He even took our picture. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it isn’t as old as it looks.

10/25/19 – Fuddruckers!

I forgot there was a Fuddruckers here. I was looking for restaurants online and saw one that described itself as, “Like Fuddruckers.” Then I remembered. Why to go to a “like” when you can go to the real thing. Best bread in the universe.

Oh yeah; Pat and I got married 22 years ago today. Seems like yesterday and forever ago.

10/26/19 – The Golf Cart Parade

Every evening here at Pirateland the people cruise around in their golf carts visiting with neighbors and scoping out the strangers. Having an odd RV we get a lot of people stopping to take pictures.

Went to Bass Pro Shop today and bought flannel shirts. I am such a guy! The we went to Michaels and Pat bought yarn. She’s such a girl.

10/27/19 – Not Raining

The weatherman lied. We had prepared for a full day of heavy rain. We got a small sprinkle last night and that was it. So I got to go for a nice bike ride. 15 miles. I have a shot at making 100 miles for the month. Haven’t done that in a while.

A quick note on my 100 word posts. They are fiction. They are based in reality and day-dreams, but they are fiction.

10/28/19 – Where To?

When we move on a regular basis it’s pretty easy to pick the next move. But when you’ve settled in for several days it gets harder. You want to prolong the current experience, but you also want something new. In the morning there will be inspiration. I hope.

10/29/19 – Wilmington

We’re escaping the weather. Here the rain is going to be less than elsewhere, and the temperature should be lower. We are severe weather wimps.

10/30/19 – Still Wilmington

Our neighbors are the ultimate Americans. They are sitting outside their RV in lawn chairs, drinking beer and watching Andy Griffith on an external big screen TV.

Good bike ride today. I lubed the chain before the ride and it helped. Great bike paths. 14 miles.


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