Tom Week – Bartsow to Pismo

12/10/20 – Barstow Wind

I always forget how windy Barstow is. Also, the recent heat wave broke so we’re down to regular December temperatures. That’s still in the 60’s though.

Today I finished my first real animation using Blender. It’s wonderfully silly. I am pleased.

Tomorrow, we cross the Mojave Desert. I love saying that.

12/11/20 – Ah, Oranges

We are in Bakersfield California, at the Orange Grove RV Park. Yes, a real orange grove. I’ve already picked a few. Yum.

12/12/20 – Winter

Yes winter. I know it’s California winter, but it is still winter. It didn’t even hit 60 today. Poor me.

Tonya got to pick her own orange for lunch today. She was not impressed with the process but did enjoy the orange.

Worked most of the day learning a new animation program that creates human characters for use in Blender. It’s surprisingly easy, but you have to watch the settings. My first character was so bow-legged that he couldn’t sit down without some major twisting about.

12/13/20 – Dead Dogs

I went for a bike ride today and have never seen so many dead dogs by the side of the road. It was very sad. There were also cats, pigeons and several, I’m assuming, rodents squished beyond indentifiability. To balance things out there were also many smashed car and truck bumpers.

With this ride I hit 1500 miles for the year. That’s 300 miles more than my goal, and I still have a shot at 1600.

12/14/20 – Getting Stuff Done

I had a weird burst of energy kind of day. I cleared my todo list. Installed a new bathroom faucet. Changed some lights around. Got a bunch of work done on animations.

12/15/20 – Working Too Hard

I spent nearly the whole day working on animations.

Oh yeah, there are giant hummingbirds here. Blue-throated hummingbirds are three times the size of normal hummingbirds and their wings flap much much slower. They are still quite fast and hard to capture on camera.

12/16/20 – Back in Pismo Beach

We are in one of our favorite parks in one of our favorite towns. 72 channel cable TV, good Wifi and a view of the ocean. What more could you want?


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